Fall Property Maintenance Checklist for Your Rentals - Article Banner

Fall in Orlando doesn’t mean crisp falling leaves and a noticeable drop in temperatures. It’s still hot in central Florida, and the middle of hurricane season. 

Seasonal preventative maintenance is still a good idea, and fall is a great time to check on the safety and general condition of your Orlando investment property. You won’t have to worry about frozen pipes or ice issues with your property, but you still want to make a checklist that targets some of the most vulnerable systems and functions of your property. This attention will ensure your home is well-maintained, and it will help your tenants enjoy a comfortable fall and winter season in Orlando.  

1. Inspect Air Filters and Vents

Air filters work hard in Orlando. It stays hot most of the year, and the air conditioning works full time. You are likely to ask your tenants to change those air filters monthly or, depending on your ventilation system, every two or three months. 

Have an HVAC inspection done every fall. Your technician will check the filters and ensure the flow of air is as efficient as possible. 

This is also a good time to check the filter and the vent in the hood of your stove top range. Vacuum all the heat registers such as air intakes, vents, fans, and radiators, if you have them. Clean out the areas under, behind, and between appliances. This keeps your fire hazard low and ensures a healthy living environment for your renters. 

2. Storm Resistant Doors and Windows

Check that all exterior doors and windows can open, close, and lock properly. Then, make sure your windows are hurricane resistant. Orlando rarely suffers a direct hit; we’re not on either coast. However, the region is still vulnerable to the high winds and drenching rains that come with tropical weather from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. 

If you have weather stripping, check its condition on the doors and windows. A well-insulated home will save energy.

3. Orlando Rental Property Landscaping

This is a good time to review your outdoor space, whether it’s a balcony on a condo or a fenced yard at a single-family home. The grass should be in good shape and the bushes and trees should be trimmed away from the property. 

Make sure your irrigation is safe and functional as well. Look for leaks and evidence of rust. Check the condition of your exterior paint. Does the property need a power washing? If so, this is a good time to do that.

4. Inspect the Condition of Your Roof

Heat and high summer temperatures take their toll on roofs. The autumn is an ideal time to have the roof of your building inspected and if necessary, repaired. Schedule a professional roof inspection with a certified roofer. They’ll be able to find weak spots you can’t find yourself. 

5. Check for Safety Issues

Safety CheckFinally, any maintenance checklist should include a safety check. Make sure the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working the way they should. Look for potential hazards like loose handrails and electrical outlets that are sparking when something is plugged in. 

These are just five items that belong on your fall maintenance list. There’s more you’ll need to do to ensure your Orlando rental property is in good shape for the season. Contact us at Park Avenue Property Management for some help with a full maintenance plan. We work in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, and throughout central Florida.