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Landlords and investors of Central Florida real estate hire us to protect their property and guide it to its highest possible return on investment. Since 2011, our local knowledge and experience, transparency, and responsive communication style have brought us long-term relationships with property owners in many countries.

We manage, buy and sell single-family homes and vacation rentals in areas like Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, and Kissimmee.

Whether you’re looking for Orlando property management, or Central Florida real estate advice, the Park Avenue Property Management team can help. Our experience in both property management and real estate sales makes us the ideal choice for investors who are looking for a reliable partner that can address all their needs.

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Central Florida Rental Market Experts

We have over 45 years of combined experience in real estate and property management in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

We help property owners and buyers across Central Florida including Maitland, Altamonte Springs, and Tampa Bay.

We actively follow the trends of the local rental market and keep up to date with new laws and changes to existing regulations. It all comes together as local expertise you can rely on.

You can be confident we will:

  • protect your property from weather damage or tenant damage
  • sell your property or buy another at the best possible price
  • thoroughly screen and place tenants
  • provide a legal and enforceable lease
  • recommend and oversee any necessary repairs

and more.

Long-Distance Owners Recommend Our Orlando Property Managers

Many Central Florida landlords live in another state or even another country. Living far away from their valuable property, they need a property manager they can trust.

That’s why our dedication and care bring us many long-term customers. Our service delivers both results and assurance along the way so our owners get their highest return and fewest worries.

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We communicate well and often. Our Orlando property managers go beyond the basics of property management and see to the finer details that ensure your highest possible ROI. We keep your short-term or long-term investment goals in mind at all times.

More than just starting off right and checking in once in a while, we provide ongoing communication and value to our clients near and far.

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Attention to Detail that Improves ROI

We use our experience and local knowledge to protect your investment, and our extra attention to detail can make a difference in your ROI.

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Whether you need Orlando property management, or management elsewhere in Central Florida, we spot hard-to-see preventative repairs on home inspections that save you money. Our creative photographs get your listing noticed by a large pool of qualified applicants so you find the right tenant. We handle maintenance in-house and oversee each repair in full so you know any repair to your property is done well. Our property managers stay up-to-date on local rules and regulations so that your lease is enforceable and rental property meets all local guidelines, protecting you from noncompliance and fines.

Communication, Care, and Transparency

We speak with our clients often and respond quickly to questions. Our Orlando property managers are on time for our appointments and work in an organized fashion.

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We’re also clear about any costs or fees associated with the property and what our owners should expect. You will have convenient online access to important information through your owners’ portal. Rather than in the dark or unsure of what’s going on with your property, you’ll be informed and feeling confident about our work.

We Work Toward Your Investment Goals

Our Orlando property management team can help you whether your investment property is in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Celebration, or elsewhere in Central Florida.

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We work with your investment goals in mind at all times so that you don’t waste time or money on the wrong directions. Our property managers start by discussing your short-term and long-term plans for your Central Florida investment property. We analyze your situation, and we use our knowledge of the local market to provide you with the best plan of action to meet them. If you decide we need to adjust the route along the way, we’ll guide you through it.
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Correctly pricing your rental property is crucial to its success.

Price it too high and your property stays vacant, without a tenant to pay you rent. Price it too low and you miss out on your highest earning potential. Either mistake puts you in danger of mandatory repairs or other costs eating too far into your profits for you to make money.

If you’re stuck trying to research the right price on your own, we can help you find it.

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We’ve been in property management here in Central Florida since 2011 and have the local real estate knowledge and experience to get it right. We know what neighborhoods can fetch what rent, and we know how to avoid pricing out too many qualified applicants.

Don’t guess and risk your earning potential. Let us help.

Request your free rental analysis below, and our team will be happy to help you find the price that maximizes your earning potential.

Rental Homes in Orlando and Elsewhere in Central Florida

Why take the time browsing through rental listings to see if they meet your needs when you can just ask us which of our available properties does?

Save yourself wasted time and effort and inquire with Park Avenue Property Management for your next rental home in Orlando or the surrounding areas.

We place qualified applicants for single-family homes in the cities Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, West Palm Beach and Tampa Bay.

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Current Tenants

To make your life easy, we’ve given you access to your tenant portal. Use it to make a maintenance request, pay your rent, or send us a message. If you have questions or need help, we’re here for you.

Future Tenants

Whether you’re relocating for work or looking for a new place for your family, we would love to show you what’s available. We’ll walk you through the application process to make it as easy as possible and help you settle in comfortably.

My husband and I use Park Avenue to manage our properties. We’re both very happy with their property management services. They couldn’t be easier to work with.

Megan Sprys

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