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Long vacancies are expensive and frustrating, and if your Orlando rental property isn’t attracting tenants as quickly as you’d like, the first thing you’ll want to do is check the price. An overpriced home will largely be overlooked by prospective tenants. 

If you know the rental value matches the market and the location, condition and size of your property, you may have to get creative if you want to rent your home faster. We have three tips that may help.

1. Make Some Cost-Effective Updates

A well-maintained home is critical, but if you really want to rent your Orlando home fast, consider making some easy improvements and upgrades. Take a look at your landscaping and make sure it’s clean and attractive. The grass should be mowed and the bushes and trees should be trimmed. Clear away any dust and cobwebs from the front door and make sure the home is welcoming and inviting. 

Fresh paint will help, and so will clean floors. Replace the carpet if it’s stained or worn. Or, remove the carpet entirely and install hard surface floors. You can also replace any aging appliances or update the lighting to make things brighter. Small fixtures such as drawer pulls and faucets could get a facelift, and those types of improvements will get the attention of prospective tenants. 

2. Provide Incentives to Prospective Tenants 

If the market is competitive, you might have to offer incentives to get tenants interested in renting your home. When they have a lot of choices and a lot of the rental homes on the market look just like yours, it’s important to give them a reason to choose your property. 

You could offer to include landscaping in your rental amount or pool cleaning if you offer a pool. Include free Wi-Fi for the first six months or free basic cable. Think about what tenants want. Maybe a gym membership or free home security installations will lead renters towards your property. 

When renting your home quickly is your priority, you’ll want to offer whatever you can to get tenants in place and rent coming in. 

3. Allow Pets into your Orlando Rental Home

Pet friendly PropertiesPet-friendly properties are always going to rent faster than homes that don’t allow pets. Tenants overwhelmingly have at least one dog or one cat. They’re looking for properties that will allow them to move in with their furry friends. 

You don’t have to allow every pet who shows up. Dangerous dog breeds should be excluded and you can set your own restrictions on how many pets are allowed, what size they are, and how old they are. If you signal to tenants that you’re willing to consider a pet, you’ll find your property gets a lot more interest and generates a lot more applications. You’ll rent your home faster than you would if you say absolutely no to all pets. 

We know waiting for your home to rent is stressful. Working with professional Orlando property managers can usually deliver a shorter vacancy period and a more pleasant leasing experience. If you’d like some help, please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.