What are Tenants Responsible For in a Rental Property? - Orlando Property Advice

Good Orlando tenants often have no trouble meeting their responsibilities when they rent your property, but they have to know what those responsibilities are. It’s important to discuss your expectations before the lease term starts, so you can be sure everyone is on the same page.

Generally, tenants are responsible for general maintenance such as changing the air filters. They are also responsible for any damage they cause, and for reporting repair issues right away. Some landlords want their tenants to handle lawn care and landscaping or pool care as well. We’ll discuss why it might be better to go another way.

Orlando Tenant Responsibilities: Cleaning and Upkeep

Landlords are responsible for general maintenance. If the roof is leaking or the refrigerator stops running, the landlord will likely be called to make the repair. However, you can expect tenants to change the air filters every month. In Orlando, the air conditioning works hard. To preserve the life of your system and ensure the air quality inside the home is great, you should require tenants to change the filters monthly. Send reminders and include this responsibility in the lease agreement.

Keeping the property clean is also important because you don’t want to invite pests and rodents into the home, and you also don’t want to leave the home vulnerable to deterioration and excessive wear and tear. Everyone has different standards of cleanliness and you don’t have to give your tenants a hard time about not dusting every week. However, make sure they know that you expect a clean home when inspections are conducted or the lease term ends.

Tenant Damage is a Tenant’s Responsibility

While landlords are responsible for any repairs and maintenance that are due to normal wear and tear, tenants should be expected to pay for any damage that’s due to their abuse, misuse, or neglect. Typically, this damage is noted and documented after a tenant moves out, and the cost is deducted from the security deposit. But, if you’re called to fix a plumbing problem and your plumber discovers some toys were flushed down the toilet, that’s a bill you can expect your tenants to pay.

Make sure your tenants know that you need to have all repair issues reported right away – whether it’s their responsibility or yours. You don’t want deferred or unreported maintenance issues to pile up; that will only lead to larger problems and more expensive fixes.

Landscaping and Pool Care: A Job for Tenants?

Landscaping and Pool Care: A Job for Tenants?If your home has a pool, you should hire professional pool contractors to clean and maintain it. You don’t want your tenants mixing pool chemicals that could result in a burn or in damage to your property. The cost of the pool contractor can simply be added to the rental amount.

It’s the same with landscaping. Some landlords want their tenants to be responsible for mowing the lawn or trimming the weeds. That’s usually acceptable; tenants renting a single-family home often don’t mind mowing. However, any advanced landscaping should be left to the professionals. It keeps your lawn healthy and looking the way you want it to, and it removes any risk and liability because your tenants won’t have to operate any equipment or machinery. Like with the pool vendors – you can include the cost of these services in the rent.

These are just a few of the tenant responsibilities you should be prepared to communicate with your residents. Make sure your lease agreement reflects what is expected, and always be open to answering questions or addressing concerns.

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