A Guide on the Life Expectancy of Rental Property Items | Orlando Property Management

Renting out an Orlando property requires you to be prepared to repair and replace systems and appliances throughout the tenancy and the entire cycle of your investment property. We know that before you invested in a home, you probably spent a lot of time and resources figuring out how much you could expect to spend on maintenance and repairs versus how much cash you’d be taking in with rental payments every month.

Part of planning for maintenance and repairs is understanding the life expectancy of certain items and functions in your property. If the seller tells you the roof is new when you buy the home, that’s great. But do you know how long that roof should last?

Lifespans of Major Functions and Systems

Some things should seemingly last forever, like your foundation and your toilets. You don’t think about the cost of replacing or refinishing the back deck, and you probably aren’t budgeting for power washes and repaving the driveway. But, you might want to. The lifespan of your roof and your exterior will depend on its construction and the materials that were made to build it.

You should also be thinking about functions like your heating and cooling unit. Most HVACs last for 20 years or more, and you have to remember that this is Florida. In Orlando, the air conditioning will be running almost all year long. So, you can install a modern thermostat and expect it to last for 30 or 40 years without needing to be replaced, but you have to have your HVAC system serviced and inspected annually. Otherwise, the thermostat can only do so much.

When you have professionals inspecting and servicing your systems and appliances, you can maximize their lifespans. You’ll spend less on both repairs and replacements.

Life Expectancy of Kitchen Appliances Depends on Usage

Life Expectancy of Kitchen Appliances Depends on UsageAccording to our data, most electric and gas stoves will last for around 15 years. The oven will have around the same lifespan. A good refrigerator may last for 10 years or even 12 years. If you have a separate freezer, you can expect it to work well for around 20 years, and your garbage disposal should be just fine for eight to 10 years. A dishwasher can also be expected to last for 10 years, and if you provide a microwave, it’s going to keep running for at least eight or nine years. Washers and dryers, depending on the model, can last around 10 years and sometimes up to 15 years.

It’s important to remember that kitchen appliances get the most use in many rental homes. The appliance life expectancy depends to a great extent on how much your tenants use each appliance.

Kitchens are important selling points when you’re renting out an Orlando property. You don’t want to keep a dishwasher or a refrigerator around for longer than you should just because it hasn’t reached the end of its life. If you have to make frequent repairs on the appliance or it’s looking old and rusty, replace it. Good tenants aren’t going to want to move into a home with appliances that are older than their children, even if they still work.

We can talk further about your specific appliances, structures, and investment properties. If you have any questions or you need some information about professional Orlando property management, please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.