3 Common Maintenance Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - Osceola Property Management Advice

Maintaining your rental home is often a full-time job on its own. To provide a safe and habitable environment for your tenants and preserve and protect the condition and value of your investment, you need to be attentive to routine and emergency maintenance issues. Preventative maintenance is also important.

It doesn’t matter how new your property is or how perfect its condition happens to be at this moment; your rental home will eventually need repairs. We have seen property owners make the same common mistakes when it comes to maintaining their homes, and we’re addressing those errors today.

Putting Off Minor Repairs

In all of our years as professional property managers, we have never run into a situation where a small problem becomes easier and less expensive with time.

In fact, it becomes more complex and always more expensive.

Don’t put off fixing a toilet that runs or a sink that leaks. Take care of the broken screen door right away and pay attention to the electrical outlet that doesn’t work. These things might not seem like they are a big deal, but they will very quickly become major problems. When your tenants report a problem or you notice something during an inspection, don’t hesitate to fix it. This prompt attention will save you money and a lot of headaches. It will also show your tenants that you care about the condition of your property.

Using Unlicensed and Unqualified Vendors

In an effort to save some money, you might be tempted to let your brother fix the roof. Maybe, hiring a painter off of Craigslist seems like an easy way to get the work done quickly.

We strongly advise against this.

Always work with licensed and insured vendors only. This will protect you from unnecessary risk. For example, if that unlicensed painter who doesn’t have any insurance falls off a ladder while painting your ceiling, guess who will be responsible for his medical bills? You.

Not only does this invite unnecessary liability, it also offers you no guarantee that the work was done properly. If you save $200 hiring an unlicensed worker to fix a problem, you might spend $2,000 trying to re-fix the problem when you find out the work wasn’t done properly. It’s not worth the risk.

Ignoring Preventative Maintenance Needs

It’s easy to forget about preventative maintenance. However, a good preventative maintenance plan will reduce the number of emergency repairs you have to make. You’ll be in a better position financially when you’re paying attention to preventative maintenance as well.

For example, have your heating and cooling system inspected and serviced every year. In Florida, our air conditioners work overtime. They need the attention of a qualified technician so you know they’re working the way they should. Spending a little money on this annual service may save you thousands in the long term.

Take care of preventative pest control as well. Prepare for hurricane season by installing hurricane shutters and making sure your roof is in good shape. It’s a huge mistake not to think ahead.

Ignoring Preventative Maintenance NeedsThese are just a few of the major mistakes we see rental property owners make all the time. We’d be happy to help you avoid them. Contact us at Park Avenue Property Management for all of your Orange County property management needs.