Why You Should Rent Your Celebration Home if You Can’t Sell

Maybe you’re having trouble selling your Celebration home, or perhaps the offers you’re receiving don’t quite deliver the earnings you were expecting. We know how frustrating it can be to sell a home. You’re losing money on it every day that it’s on the market, especially if you’ve moved on or you’re trying to buy a new property.

The Celebration real estate market is always changing. Sometimes there’s just too much competition or a less-than-enthusiastic pool of potential homebuyers. Sometimes, the economy is all over the place or there’s plenty of interest but you just can’t get the price you want.

There’s another short-term option that you may not have considered, and that’s renting. You can rent out your property when it’s not selling. There are several ways that this can benefit you.

Wait for the Celebration Real Estate Market to Improve

Instead of leaving your house vacant on the sales market, you can list it as a rental and allow some outstanding tenants to move in and provide a reliable income stream. This will at least provide you with some money while you’re waiting for the market to improve. You’ll have someone inside the home to sound the alarm if there’s a maintenance issue. The rent you earn can defray the costs of maintenance and upkeep.

When you rent out your home, you earn money on your asset right now, and over time that home will also continue to appreciate in value. You’ll build more equity. And, when the market is a bit stronger in a year or two or even five years, you’ll be able to sell for what you want and make more money on the deal.

Renting Keeps you Invested in the Celebration Market

The housing market in Celebration and the greater Orlando area is competitive, and prices are rising every year. By renting out your home when it doesn’t sell right away, you’re able to keep a valuable asset that’s only going to grow more valuable.

Perhaps you’re leaving the area for a job, for school, or for another opportunity or responsibility. If you want to return to the Celebration area in a few years, you might find that you’re completely priced out of the real estate market. It could require a lot more capital to buy a home here. If you rent out the home you already have after trying to sell it, you’ll still have that investment here. You can sell it in order to buy something else or you can move back into it. Renting out the property gives you options.

Professional Celebration Property Management Provides Peace of Mind

Why You Should Rent Your Celebration Home if You Can’t SellIf you’ve never been a landlord before, you may be wondering how you could possibly find a tenant and rent out your home.

There’s no need to worry about the details.

Professional Celebration property managers are able to protect your home and deliver peace of mind. A good management company will take care of everything from preparing the property for the rental market to advertising it to potential renters and screening applicants. We’ll make sure to place someone who will pay rent on time and take care of your home.

Once a tenant is placed, your property manager will collect rent from them and deliver it to you. There will be regular maintenance performed, emergencies responded to, and a careful tracking of income and expenses. You’ll be able to view all statements, invoices, inspection reports, and tenant communications.

Contact us at Park Avenue Property Management if you’re having trouble selling your home. We can take away all that stress and uncertainty and provide a successful rental experience.