Why Tenants Prefer Renting From an Orlando Property Manager vs. Someone Who Self Manages

If you’ve ever talked to us, you know that we believe working with a professional Orlando property management company is much better, a lot safer, and more profitable than trying to self-manage. We make that argument every time we’re asked whether professional management is really necessary.

Today, we’re talking about why it matters to tenants.

For tenants, it’s all about trust and security. As a landlord in Orlando, you’ve probably had some not-so-great experiences with tenants, and you never want those things to happen again. As a landlord, it’s hard to remember that tenants have horror stories too. They’ve emerged from situations with awful, unresponsive landlords, and they may hesitate before renting from a self-managing landlord.

Orlando Tenants Want Transparent Leasing

Tenants will often know a property is professionally managed as soon as they look at the listing. It’s easy to find a management company’s logo or contact information.

While we spend a lot of time screening tenants during the leasing process, we always appreciate the feeling we get when potential residents are screening us. They want to know if we’re responsive to maintenance emergencies and whether they can pay rent online. They are looking for a serious and experienced property manager that they can trust to provide a positive rental experience.

Orlando Tenants Look for Communication

Many tenants have had at least one landlord in their past who could not be reached when there was a leak in the middle of the night. Self-managing landlords have trouble being available 24 hours a day, and tenants know that. They’d prefer to work with a company that is available around the clock.

There’s also a better response when these emergencies occur. A new landlord won’t necessarily have the tools and resources required to find a vendor at the last minute. Professional managers have trusted lists of preferred vendors who can respond immediately and do excellent work.

Professional property management companies know how to respond quickly, and tenants feel better about that.

Tenants and Trust: Customer Service Matters

Customer service counts. While not every tenant is going to want to work with a large corporate management company, nearly every well-qualified resident appreciates the experience and service that a local management company can provide. They know that they will be more than just a rent check. We know that good tenants look for a management team that puts some effort into developing and maintaining professional and respectful relationships. They want the security and the resources that private landlords don’t have.

Beware of Tenants Who Don’t Want Professional Management

Beware of Tenants Who Don’t Want Professional ManagementIf you come across a tenant who would prefer not to work with a professional Orlando property management company, it’s probably because they know they won’t pass the rigorous screening process, or because they’re trying to get away with something. Maybe they have past evictions or terrible landlord references. Perhaps they know they will violate the lease with aggressive dogs, drugs, or loud parties. Private landlords are less likely to screen thoroughly and their rental standards aren’t often as strict as those of a management company.

Bad tenants know they can’t get away with anything when they rent from a professional manager.

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