Osceola County Investment Properties - Why You Should Invest

When you’re looking for a place to invest in rental property, Osceola County should be high on your list of potential markets. Florida in general makes a great investment point for both new and experienced investors, and the communities within Osceola County are especially great ideas for a number of reasons.

We’re discussing those reasons today, so investors like you can make an informed decision about where to buy their next income-producing property. Find out why Osceola County is such a great option.

Strong Economy and Population

The main cities in Osceola County include Kissimmee and St. Cloud, as well as communities like Celebration and Poinciana. We are part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area. The population here is growing, and the economy is strong. We’re close to Orlando’s theme parks, all of the industry and commercial activity in downtown Orlando, and we also have a thriving economy and employment base in Osceola itself. National companies and small local businesses are creating new jobs, new products and services, and new opportunities for residents, visitors, and investors. Colleges like Stetson University and Johnson University Florida contribute to the high quality of life and openings for culture, education, and growth.

Investment Numbers: Appreciation and Cash Flow

In Osceola County, entering the real estate market does not require a small fortune. Properties can be found for reasonable prices, and there’s a real diversity of opportunity. Single-family homes in established neighborhoods are interesting to investors as well as homes in new construction HOAs and planned communities. There are multi-family units throughout the area as well as small apartment buildings.

While property prices remain some of the lowest on the east coast, the home values are climbing higher at a steady pace. You can count on long term ROI with the properties you buy today. There’s also some great potential for cash flow. Rental rates have risen over the last year, and the most desirable properties are renting for at least $1,200 a month, sometimes as much as $1,500 to $1,700.

Excellent Tenant Pool

Excellent Tenant PoolFinally, there’s an excellent pool of tenants in Osceola County. Landlords won’t have to worry about high vacancy rates or poor tenant selections. The renters here are employed, reliable, and willing to help maintain the homes they’re living in. You can count on responsible, long-term tenants who want to enjoy their rental experience.

Before you invest in Osceola County, make sure you get some help and advice from a local and qualified property management company. We can help you understand the neighborhoods, the properties, and the expectations of the local tenants. We’d be happy to help you understand how much rent a potential property will earn for you, how long it may take to get it rented, and what you’ll have to do to make it attractive to the area’s most desirable tenants.

We love working with investors. If you’re looking for a new market or you’ve bought here before, contact us at Park Avenue Property Management. We’d love to share more of the benefits associated with Osceola investment homes.