Rental Inspection Checklist

Rental inspections are an excellent opportunity to ensure your property is being well-maintained and to make sure your tenants are following the terms of your lease agreement. When you are visiting your Orlando rental property, there are a few key things to look for inside and out. We’re discussing those items today, and we encourage you to put together a written or digital checklist that will help you document the condition of your home every time you inspect it.

Water Problems and Leaks

Water can do a lot of damage to a property, and in Florida we live under very humid conditions and the constant threat of flooding, heavy rain, and tropical storms. Avoiding water damage is important because it can lead to mold and rot. These are expensive repairs to make. So, during your inspection, make sure you’re looking under sinks and around toilets and tubs. Check the ceilings and the walls for discoloration or soft spots. Inspect the irrigation system in your yard if you have automatic sprinklers. Take care of any water issues promptly, even small leaks or toilets that don’t stop running.

Tenant Safety Issues

Another important part of your rental inspection should be issues pertaining to safety and security. Make sure all of the doors and windows lock properly. Check for broken stairs, loose handrails, and cracks or raised pavement on any walkways or driveways. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors. Make sure there’s enough exterior lighting and that the bushes aren’t growing up over the windows. If there’s a security alarm in place, test it.

Landscaping and Exterior Condition

Check out the landscaping as well. You don’t want trees to be growing onto the house, and look for branches, leaves, and debris on your roof and in your gutters. If professional landscapers are taking care of the yard maintenance, make sure they’re doing a good job. When tenants are responsible for the lawn care, check to see that the outdoor space is being maintained to your standards. If you have a pool or a spa, make sure it’s functioning properly and looks clean.

Evaluate Appliances and Other Functions

Take a look at the appliances. Make sure the dryer vent is being cleaned out and the freezer doesn’t need to be defrosted. Run the garbage disposal and test garage door, ceiling fans, and other household functions. If you’re renting out a multi-family property, take a look at the communal spaces and make sure they’re clean, comfortable, and not in need of any cosmetic or functional repairs.

Lease Enforcement and Tenant Relations

Lease Enforcement and Tenant RelationsYou should also check for any violations of your lease agreement. If there’s a pet that you didn’t approve, address it with your tenants. If there’s evidence that several adults are living there but only one person was screened and is listed on the lease, find out who else is staying there. This is also a great opportunity to talk to your tenant. Find out if she or he is happy and if there’s anything you can do to improve the rental experience.

We’d be happy to share a sample of our rental inspection checklist so you can use it to create your own. If you’d like to see that or you have any questions, please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.