Living Out of the Country? Hire an Orange County FL Property Management Company

Investors who live out of the country are drawn to the real estate market in and around Orange County for obvious reasons. Investment properties are affordable to buy, there are a lot of interesting and diverse neighborhoods in which to invest, and the tenant pool is strong and growing. As more and more people move into this area, the demand for Orange County rental properties is growing.

At Park Avenue Property Management, we work with a lot of investors who are outside of the U.S. If you’re not in the country, we can help you have a profitable and stress-free investment experience with your Florida rental property.

Marketing and Leasing to Avoid Vacancy

Long vacancies are expensive, and we’re mindful of getting your property rented quickly, for the most amount of money, to the best tenants. This is easy for us because we know the local market, we are able to use strategic methods of online advertising, and we know what to look for in a great tenant.

You can expect competitive pricing, an attractive home that shows well, and a leasing experience that’s swift and successful. The tenants we place in your property are reliable, responsible, and come with great references from former landlords. They pay rent on time and they take care of your home.

Our team collects the move-in funds, conducts a careful inspection to effectively document the condition of your home, and executes the lease. Even though you’re out of the country, you’ll be able to access the signed lease and review the inspection report and photos through your online portal.

State, Local and Federal Laws You Need to Know

It’s easy to make a legal mistake when you’re renting out property, and that risk is even higher when you’re renting out a home from another country. You probably don’t have time to keep up with all the fair housing laws, eviction requirements, and disability accommodations that are necessary to remain in compliance. We take care of all that ourselves. Your property managers are aware of the laws, careful to follow them, and always sure to keep you and your rental property in compliance.

Maintaining the Condition of Your Investment

There’s not much you can do for a tenant who calls to report a problem in the middle of the night when you’re living halfway around the world. We’re here to answer that call, respond right away, and mitigate any further damage that might be a danger to your investment. We work closely with outstanding vendors who prioritize the properties we manage and take good care of your rental home. We take care of routine and preventative maintenance as well as emergency repairs, protecting the value of your asset and contributing to excellent tenant retention.

Communicating Promptly and Transparently

Living out of the country, it’s not like you can drive by your rental home or give us a quick call to check in. We make sure to keep communication a priority, however. You’ll be able to reach us through your online portal no matter what time it is in your country. You can send messages, review accounting statements, and ask questions about reports and invoices.

Communicating Promptly and TransparentlyWe are here to make the investment process as stress-free as possible for all of our investors living outside of the country. To learn more, contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.