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It’s easy to rush through a move-out inspection. You’re likely in a hurry to get your Orlando rental property back on the market so you can attract new tenants and start collecting rent again. 

Don’t rush through it, however. The move-out inspection is a critical time to evaluate the condition of your property, document any damage, and make claims against your departing tenant’s security deposit. 

If you’re wondering where to start and where to focus, we have some Orlando property management best practices to share with you. Here are the three most important places to inspect when your tenant has moved out and you’re preparing your turnover.

Inspect the Floors and Walls in Your Orlando Rental Home

You’ll want to check the condition of your paint and your floors when tenants move out. A lot of the repainting and the carpet cleaning you’ll have to do is from normal wear and tear, so you won’t necessarily be charging the security deposit for it. However, if you find part of the carpet torn up or scratches on hardwood floors or large holes in the wall that are definitely not from hanging pictures, you’ll have a claim to make against the security deposit. 

Take a copy of your move-in inspection report with you when you are doing the move-out inspection. With the photos you took at move-in, you’ll be able to see whether the condition of your floors and walls have deteriorated much during the tenancy and whether those issues are normal wear and tear or due to a tenant’s abuse and neglect.

Check Your HVAC System during the Move-Out Inspection

The Orlando climate is hot and humid for a good part of the year. The air conditioning in your rental property will get a lot of use, and that means you have to make sure it’s in good shape at the end of every tenancy. 

After your tenants have moved out, test the air conditioning and the heat. Make sure everything turns on and runs well. Look at the condition of the air filter to determine whether your tenant was good about changing them. This should be part of your lease agreement unless you expect to change the air filters yourself every month or few months. 

Test Your Appliances and Look for Repair or Replacement Needs

Run the DishwasherAppliances work hard in rental properties. Run the dishwasher, turn on the oven, and test the washer and dryer. Make sure the fridge and freezer are cleaned out and have been wiped down. During your turnover period, you may want to replace any aging appliances that are unattractive, breaking down, or draining energy. 

Once you’ve checked these three instrumental areas, continue inspecting the home to look for evidence of damage. This is also an excellent opportunity to make a list of the things that will be needed before you begin marketing the home and showing it to prospective tenants again. 

Keep careful notes during your inspection and take a lot of pictures. This type of documentation will protect you if there’s a dispute about security deposit charges. 

We can help with every part of the Orlando property management process, including move-out inspections. For more information, please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.