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Keeping your Orlando rental property safe and habitable is your chief responsibility as the owner of that property. You want to prevent crime, and that starts with educating your tenants. Make sure they have all the information they need for local police and fire departments. Talk to them about the importance of keeping doors and windows locked, not only when they’re away, but even when they’re home.

Vacant properties are especially prone to dangers such as breaking and entering, theft, and vandalism. Today we’re sharing some crime prevention strategies that will protect your Orlando rental property.

Secure and Lock the Home and Grounds

Change the locks between every tenant. This will ensure there isn’t someone out there walking around with a copy of the key to your rental home. Always check that the doors and windows lock properly before you move in a new tenant and after tenants move out.

Additional features to secure your property include deadbolts, peepholes, and even video doorbells. These are growing in popularity and many tenants are looking for homes that are compatible with smart home security technologies. Do what you can to upgrade. It will keep your property safe and attract good tenants.

Install Reliable Exterior Lighting

Exterior lights are a great way to protect your property, both when it’s occupied and vacant. A well-lit exterior will dissuade potential criminals from approaching the home. Your residents will feel safer when they go to sleep knowing the area is lit. Statistics have shown that even a porch light can be a great deterrent to crime.

Motion lights are also a good idea. Install them on the sides or in back of the property, or on any garages or outbuildings. If lights go out, replace the bulbs as soon as possible.

Check Your Landscaping and Trim Bushes and Trees

Don’t let overgrown bushes and shrubs hide potential criminals. You want to make sure the windows in the property have a clear view of the outside spaces. Keep those hedges trimmed so it’s easy for residents to come in and out and they won’t be surprised by someone who may be hiding behind a tree or a bush.

Conduct Routine Property Inspections

When the property is occupied, you don’t want to be a nuisance to your tenants. But, you do want to check for safety issues from time to time. An inspection once during the tenancy is reasonable, and it will provide a chance for you to check the lights and look for potential issues.

You can also drive by the rental home once in a while. This will keep you in touch with the neighborhood itself and let you know if there are any safety issues that may need to be addressed. Follow crime reports and statistics for your area. You want to know when there’s an increase in break-ins or thefts in the neighborhood. Pass this information onto the tenants without alarming them. Explain the importance of being vigilant and proactive when it comes to preventing criminal behavior.

No one wants to entertain the idea that a crime could occur at their Orlando rental property. However, a good rental property owner will be prepared for every possibility. Develop good relationships with local law enforcement and don’t let vacancies drag on too long.

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