Common Questions to Ask an Osceola Property Manager

When you’re looking for professional property management in Osceola County, you should study a company’s reputation and expertise. Check out their website and their social media pages, and talk to others who have used them. Read online reviews.

You should also conduct at least one in-depth interview to get an idea of how the company works and whether they approach residential property management in the way you would expect.

To help you prepare for these interviews, we are sharing 10 of the most important questions you can ask a potential management company.

How Much Experience do You Have?

Experience is important, and don’t settle for an answer that reflects how long the company has been around. You want to know how much experience the individual managers have, and what types of properties they’ve worked with in the past. Ask how long they’ve been in the market and how often they work with difficult tenants. These things tell you more about their experience than the number of years they’ve been in business.

How do You Utilize Technology?

Technology has become an important tool in effectively managing properties. Your property managers should use an online platform that allows tenants to pay rent online. As an owner, you should be able to access financial reports, maintenance invoices, and other important documents. Technology should be used to market your home, maintain it, and keep all parties on the same page.

How do you Find Tenants?

Find out how the management company attracts, screens, and places tenants. A thorough process will include online marketing, showings that are convenient for tenants, immediate follow-up, an efficient application process, and rigorous screening that’s consistent and compliant with all fair housing laws.

How do you Handle Maintenance?

You need to know whether the property management company you choose takes a preventative approach to maintaining your home or simply waits for things to break. Ask about the process for tenants to report maintenance, find out who is responsible for responding to emergencies, and inquire about the vendors they use to repair your investment property.

What’s the Move-in and Move-out Process Like?

You’ll need a property management company that documents the condition of your home before a tenant moves in and understands the difference between normal wear and tear and property damage after a tenant moves out. Find out how these things are handled and whether you’ll be able to see pictures and read inspection reports.

What do you do to Retain Tenants?

Vacancy and turnovers are expensive, so ask about tenant retention plans. You want a property management company that’s focused on keeping your good tenants in place and able to effectively negotiate lease renewals.

How does the Communication Flow Work?

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to communication. Make sure yours are aligned with the property manager you choose to take care of your rental home. If you like to check in nearly every day but your property manager sends a monthly email update, you might not work well together. If you hate to be bothered for small things and your property manager doesn’t want to do anything without your approval; that could cause another sort of problem. Find out how often and in what manner your property managers will communicate with you.

How are your Fees Structured?

Many landlords will ask about fees before they discuss anything else. Fees are important, but what’s more important is understanding the services and the value that you receive in exchange for those fees. Discuss the cost of property management, but make sure you are careful when you’re comparing one company’s fees to another. They don’t always include the same things.

What if the Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent?

Evictions should be rare with a good property management company. However, they do happen once in a while, even to well-screened tenants. Find out what the process is and how long it will take. Ask about specific experience your potential property management company has with evictions, and if they use an attorney to file the court papers.

What Makes you Different?

What Makes you Different?Most property management companies in Osceola do the same things and provide the same services. You want to know why you should pick one management company over all the others. A good company will be able to tell you that, and demonstrate why they are the best choice.

We’d love to answer these questions for you and give you an opportunity to learn more about the exceptional service and management we provide. Please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management.