An Orlando Landlord's Guide to Noisy Neighbor Complaints - Article Banner

No one likes to deal with noisy neighbors, and when you’re renting out a unit in an apartment or a multi-unit building, your Orlando tenants are likely to hear music, television, and conversations coming from their neighbors. Shared walls can often seem thin, and this may result in complaints from one tenant about another tenant. 

There are some steps you can take to minimize the conflict and keep it from escalating into something unpleasant. Ultimately, you want your tenants to resolve these differences on their own, but there may be instances in which you have to get involved. Make sure you’re prepared. 

Listen and Encourage Tenant Communication 

All tenants have a right to the quiet enjoyment of their property. When they come to you with a complaint about noise, listen to them. Sometimes, tenants are simply looking to be heard. You have a responsibility to let them make their complaint. 

Communication is always important, and if your tenants are comfortable talking to their neighbors, you’ll want to recommend that as a first step. They should be able to have a neighborly discussion about noise and respecting each other’s quiet times. Loud noises can be especially disruptive at night, so if one tenant is kept awake by another tenant’s barking dogs, loud music, or constant parties, a simple conversation may make things better. Coach your tenants to be respectful. Maybe the offending tenant doesn’t realize their noise is so loud. 

Be empathetic whenever possible. If your complaining tenants are too nervous about talking to the neighbors, offer to have a chat yourself. This isn’t necessarily your job, but you’re trying to provide good customer service, and you want to keep the peace when you’re renting out Orlando properties. 

Investigate and Document the Noise Complaint

Lease AgreementIf one of your tenants is complaining about another of your tenants, check the lease agreements. You should have something in there about respecting quiet hours, which are generally from 10 p.m. until 6:00 or 8:00 a.m. Once you’ve established what the lease actually states, send a written notice to the noisy tenant that you have received complaints. Include the lease verbiage that needs their attention and ask them to be mindful of the noise they’re creating. 

When you’re renting out a property in an HOA or a condo association, there are likely rules about noise that all residents must follow, whether they’re owners or renters. Check the rules and regulations and if necessary, make a complaint to the association board. 

Always document the noise complaint. If you need to evict a tenant who refuses to control their noise or you need to talk to an HOA or file a complaint with law enforcement, you’ll want to demonstrate the number of times that the noise has been disruptive. Ask your tenant who is complaining to keep records as well. 

If things get out of hand, calling the police is always an option that tenants and landlords have. Parties can quickly get out of hand. 

We understand the stress and inconvenience a noisy neighbor can cause. If you have any questions about how to hold those tenants accountable, please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management. We’re here to provide Orlando property management support to owners and tenants.