3 Landscaping Tips to Make Maintaining Your Rental Property Easier - Article Banner

Landscaping at your rental property needs to be welcoming and attractive

It also needs to be low-maintenance. 

Tenants will arrive looking for a clean, mowed lawn and bushes that are trimmed and healthy. But, they won’t want to spend their weekends keeping up with ornate garden features, leaf blowing, and flower bed weeding. 

It’s also important to consider the climate in central Florida. It’s hot here, most of the year, and it also rains a lot, especially in the summer months. You’ll want to be sure your landscaping can survive in the intense sun and the tropical rains. 

Here are three landscaping tips we have that will make maintaining your rental property easier. 

1. Choose Grass and Plants Likely to Thrive

Low-maintenance lawns in Florida are often made of St. Augustine grass or Bermuda grass. Both grasses are durable; they can take high heat as well as high traffic. The grasses are easily resistant to heat and even to drought, so you won’t be left with a dead, brown landscape in August. One thing to know is that these grasses also grow fast, so prepare to have your lawn mowed regularly, especially during the summer.  

When it comes to plants and trees, always choose native Florida varieties. These are more adaptable to our unique climate and sandy soil. There’s less weeding, watering, and fertilizing required as well. Some of the best Florida plants to consider for your landscaping include:

  • American beautyberry 
  • Azalea native species 
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Beach sunflower
  • Yucca
  • Lantana

These grasses and plants don’t require much maintenance, and they’ll make your property look pretty throughout the year. 

2. Preserve Water with Smart Irrigation 

Florida has two basic seasons; a dry season (November through April), and a wet season (May through October). Preserving water and soil moisture can seem challenging. You’ll want irrigation that’s almost intuitive. 

Another way to preserve water is by topping off your gardens and plant areas with a thick layer of mulch. The mulch will also lead to fewer weeds. 

According to the University of Florida, these three methods of irrigation are best:

  • Sprinkler systems are the most common and designed to water larger areas. These are great for lawns without specific plant needs. 
  • Micro-irrigation delivers water directly to a plant’s root zone using drip or small spray heads. They use less water than sprinkler systems, but aren’t efficient for a large lawn.
  • Soaker hoses are perforated hoses that soak the ground. 

You can set your sprinklers and irrigation to automatic waterings, and the best time to water in Florida is early mornings.

3. Hire a Landscaping Service for Your Rental Property 

You might find tenants who are interested in investing their time and energy into keeping up the lawn and landscaping. Usually, however, it’s best to hire a landscaping service. Not only will this relieve your tenants of the responsibility, it will also ensure that the lawn is maintained to your standards. You can roll the cost of the service into the rental payment. 

Look at Rental PropertyThese three tips are our general suggestions. We would be happy to take a look at your rental property and make some recommendations specific to what your needs are. Please contact us at Park Avenue Property Management. We work in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Kissimmee, Celebration, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, and throughout central Florida