New Residents (FAQ):

What do you look for during the application process?


We look at three different factors:

– Income: we prefer your income to be equal to or greater than 3 months rent.

– Credit

– Past rental history.

Where can I fill out an application for a rental property I like?


You can fill out a rental application by clicking HERE. This is our secure, online site that you will also use in the future for making rental payments and logging into your account. Please keep in mind that there is a $75.00 non-refundable application fee. This covers the expense of our tenant screening process.


How long does it typically take for my application to be proccessed?


Typically the turn around time is less than 24 hours. On a rare occasion it can take longer if we are waiting on information from a previous landlord.


What happens if I am not approved for the property I have applied for?


If we cannot approve your application, we will refund the security deposit to you in full.


I am moving into a community with a Home Owners Association, do I need to provide them with my information as well?


The answer is yes! A majority of the homes we have that are within a Home Owners Association (HOA) will require you to fill out a seperate application in which we will provide to you. Some of them do have an application fee in which you will be responsible for. Most of the HOA’s approve the applications within 2-3 days. They must approve you prior to your move in date. Monthly HOA dues are the responsibility of the owner.


What is done to the unit I am renting prior to my move in?


We assess the property to see what is needed. We always steam clean the carpets and send cleaners through the property. We will paint as needed. As well, we take care of any maintenance issues or repairs that may need attention. 


What do I need to do once my application is approved?


Once we have approved your application you will receive a call from our staff at Park Avenue Property Management. We will request that you come in and sign a lease agreement to guarantee your placement.


How and when do I set up my utilities, cable, and internet?


Once you have your address, at your option, you may proceed to set up your utilities. Most of our properties fall under OUC or Progress Energy for utilities. For cable and internet access you can set that up through Bright House. You can find these links on the Current Residents page as well. Satellite service is not available all properties.


What do I need to bring with me when I come to move in?


When your move in day arrives we will need two things. We will need the first months rent if we haven’t received it yet and we will need a copy of your utility receipt proving that you have set up you utilities.


What kind of pet restrictions do you have?


Not all of our properties allow pets, for those that do, there are some restrictions. There is a $250 pet fee (non-refundable) per pet. Dogs and cats must be a year old and fixed. Also, due to insurance, we cannot accept any kind of agressive breeds. For further information please download the pet addendum above.


How can I pay rent?


We offer various methods for you to pay rent. Our preferred method is online (you must set up your online tenant account in order to access this feature). You may also mail your rental payment to us at the following address:


Park Avenue Property Management

1420 Celebration Blvd, Ste 200

Celebration Fl 34747


Please make all rental payments out to PARK AVENUE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Please keep in mind that Park Avenue Property Management does not accept cash for any reason. 




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